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Simple, happy, small tunes. That would be without any doubt a good way to describe my first release: "Fools". The EP brings out 5 simple songs, 5 simple feelings, that at a first glance gives a taste of a bold simplistic approach aiming to fall within americana and country music. Listen to it while you read about the story and some other curiosities about "Fools"

A little bit of history behind the EP

Since I was very young (±8 years old) my mother tried to teach me how to play guitar. While she never pursued music as her profession she was (and is) a great classical guitar player and singer (specially talented when it comes to harmonizing main vocal lines and classical guitar fingerpicking). As a young boy I would see her playing and loving it, and that's why I picked up guitar playing. After some years of playing, quiting, geting bored and playing again, by the age of nineteen years old I started to write my very first songs. After passing through various years of tortorous songwritting (resulting in terrible composed songs) I started to manage to make some rather "good-sounding"numbers.

By that time I was moving into Denmark (Copenhaguen) and there I made what became the first song of this EP: "Should We?". The song came to me after a second/third encounter I had with a very beautiful danish person. As a young spanish teenager the country and its people were extremely exotic in every way. The song was written in about 2 minutes after arriving home and grabbing the guitar. This was one of this cases where it felt that the song was already there waiting to be played and you (me in that case) are just the mean to channel that energy. Beautiful and light way to write.

Some months passed by and by the time winter was approaching I decided to go and pass some months to Spain, where this time of the year can be way easier (even pleasant) to deal with. Therefore, together with a good friend of mine we catched a plane and travelled south. I enjoyed a lot those months with her, specially that ride from the airport till we arrived home (Spain). That night before going to sleep, around 3am I felt a strong feeling of friendship and bond that I needed to get out somehow. Since I wasn't going to call someone so late, eventually, I turned it into another beautiful quickly written song: "Wait and See".

By the end of the winter I was packing my things again to go to Delft (Netherlands) which was my next destination, but while being back home I had to deal with some unresolved issues and and a friendship that I needed to save. This eventually was channeled into the crafting of a new song: "Spoken Conversations", a song about conflict. I packed my things and went away to The Netherlands, new place, new life. And here, within the first coupe of months I wrote the last two songs of the EP: "Fools" about the death of someone close to you and "When you are away".

Production and artwork

The recording, mixing and mastering of this EP happened very spontaneously when one of my good friends told me that producer Javier Monteverde ( had a couple of days free on his studio due to some last minute cancellation. Lucky me, to get such an amazing opportinuty with a first class producer in a platinum class studio. Everything was very sudden, he told me to start the morning after I got the news. Therefore I thought about what I considered to my best five songs, grabbed my guitar, double check my lyrics and at 8 am the next mornings I was at Cezanne Producciones building in Madrid waiting for the door to open. It was three very intense days, from 8 am to 9 pm bbut we managed to record five songs, with excellent quality and superb ad-hoc arrangements.

After having the master files I went to a good friend of the roomate that I was sharing my house in Enschede with, who eventualy became my friend as well: Peter Pohlmann and asked him for some cover proposal. I saw his art before and I loved the style and the concept. Always very outside of the box, with a bold approach. He then made the cover that you can see above. The cover shows a man being rained on by 5 different feelings (5 different songs).


Production >>> Javier Monteverde
Mixing >>> Javier Monteverde
Mastering >>> Javier Monteverde, Tim Visser
Composition & Lyrics>>> Arturo Perez Adroher
Performance >>>
Vocals >>> Arturo Perez Adroher
Guitar>>> Arturo Perez Adroher
Bass >>> Javier Monteverde
Percussion >>> Javier Monteverde
Piano >>> Javier Monteverde

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